an apple perched

i see myself
in the wind warped
panes of glass
that line
the buildings.

an apple
precariously perched
on an overcoat
with baby rabbits

a spiderweb
in the congestion of
angry cars
with headless drivers

my sighs float
like an open sewer
the hazy malaise
of summer end

she smells of gunpowder and flame her finger trigger itches as another lost bunny hops through her reticule of disbelief

5 thoughts on “an apple perched

      1. I’m a bit sensitive about them right now because I caught an ermine (small weasel) who had caught one of the baby bunnies… I heard screeching out the window and there they were, grappling for life/food and I ran outside, nooooo!!! leave that baby alone!! and now the baby (whose eye is torn open) is staying under my steps trying to stay safe… ugh… wildlife. so cute. so heartbreaking.

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