of captor, longing to be captured

she rattled the cage door with a smile that quickly faded as i stared into her fathomless gaze

she poked and prodded, a long sharp stick with her perfume soaked into the blood wet wood

i see your heart, you know, sending kaleidoscopic images onto the ceiling when you sleep

i watch the colors bleed across the walls, absorb the entire spectrum of sorrowful need, loving restraint

she stared at me menacingly, crouched on her heels no trace of a smile on her immaculate face

she placed the tip of her spear against the moss covered bars, just to watch me flinch away

you call out her name, pitifully in the night, mewling like a giant infant with hair on your chest

you don’t think she hears you or that she cares, do you? and still every night you unleash a torrent

she watches, her words lemon juice on the raw loverash dotting my inedible flesh of surrender

she smiles, cold and sharp, but there is a note to her glare, of captor longing to be captured

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