three stares

she has
three settings
for her stare


i had been
on the receiving end
of the first
too many times
to count
she could just
look at me
and all the blood
in my body
knew exactly
to congregate
with that one glance
i would begin
to limber up

if i made
the mistake
of thinking i was
overly clever
or funny
stare two
was a fast reset
usually at least
sometimes i know
i should quit
and she has to
intensify slightly
i get the hint
i would even

now the third
is devastating
she can look at someone
she has known
for five years
with an empty look
that lets you know
she has not
forgotten you
she has vaporized
all memory
the only thing
that remains
is casual

there is rumor
of a fourth
one of endless

but those
aren’t aimed at a fool
trying too hard
to not seem
to be trying
at all

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