a reply to an unnecessary question

half the night
spent awake
in that familiar
shake and bake
tossed and turned
southern fried
mental misery
no matter
how hard i try
to shut it off
i can still feel
the two holes
where your venom
entered my system
in the quiet time
of the witching hour
it burns its way
through my endocrine
the gentle waves
of the garden pond
where you
casually tossed
the best parts of me
that didn’t fit
the image
you half-assed tried
to carve
from my
bared heart
you draped it in
barbed wire
called it tinsel
as drops of black blood
hissed against
the arid soil
where you kept me
wrapped in pink insulation
stored silently
until you needed
to feel alive
in the words
i bled for you

the words i gladly
bled for you
the words
that were never
yet in their absence
you come sniffing
in the hope
they are still yours

look for the
fields of wildflowers
that sprout
from every drop
of my poisoned blood
the seeds take root
in the undiminished
calling out
to the her
you never were
because those words
were never yours
they always belonged
to another
you sought to tame
what can never
be brought under heel
then walked away
leaving the world on fire
blaming me
for the errant spark

to answer your question
i am doing well
thank you
i appreciate you
reaching out
even if it was just
another round
of a game
i never understood
nor played
you redefined
in temporary terms
so it appears
that our eternity
is over
even if it seems
to linger on
in your mind

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