delete later, cry for now

it is so easy to choke on the bitter rind life has in abundance to let the waves batter us until there is nothing yellowed bones broken sinking in the tar pits that seemed like solid ground.

it is why when those firefly lights of happy come i will just sit smiling trying to absorb every single ounce of it gathered in handmade glass jars made from lost dreams.

maybe enough to light a candle when the darkness comes it always comes again but maybe enough to cast her shadow keeping me safe watching over me with a smile.

i keep my coffee bitter to offset just how fucking sweet i find you i keep your kisses safe in nascent dreamwhisps where i cannot spoil them with my bitter sadness when the rain comes.

i hope you know the things i can not get to go past my numb lips see them in the tears that well up when i haven’t seen the heron and i just need to see a sign because i feel so ugly.

delete later, cry for now

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