sorry you are sad(self inflicted)

they sit
watching the fool
as he tries
to navigate
a world
he doesn’t want
to understand
hoping to see
him struggle
wishing for him
to fail
to fall back
into the same old
that made it easier
to control
they are patient
taking no pleasure
in his success
only smiling
with every
line of anguish
preferring him
to remain
the easily
manipulated victim
so bright eyed
with no trace
of seeing
the unvisible threads
the uneven floors
with jarring angles
to keep the herd
walking without
until the air hammer
of their desire
kisses him
right between
the eyes

he is sorry
you were rejected
feel dejected
your heart ejected
at the scene

but have you
no understanding
that this ignoble fate
you have suffered
is the same fate
you cast upon him
with nary a glance
back at the carnage
you had wrought
waiting for
the wreckage
to be moved
clearing a path
for you to attempt
a second chance
to feel better
about yourself

that isn’t love
it is justification
of a return
to shitty behavior
a return
to inflicting callous
along the soft skin
calling it that
which you don’t
truly know
the definition of

the number you have dialed
is no longer in service
the email address
does not show on the server
this person you seek
no longer exists

but he wants you to know
he is

you are sad

(it was self inflicted)

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