Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, hardcover edition (!?!?)

Thunderstorm Press has teamed up with Death’s Head Press to turn the horror event of 2020 (not pandemic or election, real life horror, fiction) to announce they are doing a limited special edition of the entire series. The first five are at the printers.

I had to sign 70 sheets with my foolish face for this. Horrible. It is limited to 50 copies of each. These are serious collector items. I don’t quite understand any of it. This is my first novel. I assumed it would go like my first collection of shorts or both collections of poetry, forgotten in the annals of time. It is surreal. I was happy with my name on the spine, or next to a short story inside. But a hardcover? I have known for a few months this was coming but never quite believed it was real.

As I sit, triple checking I have everything for my work trip, struggling with anxiety, I am still blown away that a simple fool can be so blessed.

thank you, for the support, for reading my stuff, for the comments,

hugs and sloppy wet kisses

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