the return flight was barely occupied big plane headed back for routine maintenance the crew ready to go home after a long day of standing at six hundred miles per hour in the air crisscrossing the country

my headphones were in with music playing as i found myself in a row alone so the twitching limbs in time to the music only I could hear filled the cabin with songs about revolution if only within the confines of my empty skull

a half empty plane with a fool dancing in his seat watching the little lights below that hold the dreams of thousands captive or the little stars above that wasted their lives to shine briefly over metal wings soaring to a new kind of emptiness at the end of the runway

no matter the destination all that awaits is the silence of the end of the road another destination that is little more than a black hole constantly consuming the light because it doesn’t know how to do anything else looking for some connection to make it all make just a sliver of sense

the tired pretty brunette pushing the cart to toss bags of simple snacks and alcohol wipes has to tap my shoulder to snap me back to the reality that seeks fuzzy around the edges and i fail to recognize for what it is exactly to see if i would like anything from the laden tray and i hope the smile in my eyes answers

halfway through she taps again and i pull out the headphones to hear her ask what it is that has me so animated and bringing a crimson flush through my bald head as i realize my own world is viewable to those around me before sputtering an answer back but luckily she laughed

we had a moment of tired human connection as she sat down a seat away and i popped the headphone jack out and let ryo play baran potato into the dark plane as the stars twinkled above and the town’s flickered below listening to the staccato high hat intertwine through the magic of ivory keys singing

a moment of peace as the turbulence did little more than accentuate our nodding heads somewhere over jackson mississippi listening to japan’s finest jazzman and forgetting that there was a world of chaos awaiting us outside this metal tube rocketing across the skies

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