lavender kisses

she braided lavender sprigs into the weighted leather so as she flagellated the stain from my unclean flesh the lavender kisses soothe the ache of insufficiency

holistically abhorrent leaving my third chakra skewed to point at self actualized ridicule as the heady metallic scent blended with the light purple indifference

i was never a dancer but with every guilty flinch i found the concerto hidden in flaying flesh supplicating the unholy sepulchre in the layered dissonance of time

inessential oils mixing with sweat along the curve of my own indecent rapture as tears turn to steam from the heat of the fool with the steam powered heart

a trail of dried up rust leading to the tabernacle of mute disfigured angels with the slitted pupils of goats moaning turgid dirges of unread poetic slander

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