podcast tonight, chapbooks available now

Panic Room Radio will have the Fool on to discuss poetry, something he clearly has no grasp on and the new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store

which reminds me i have two new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store. (un)collected vol 1 and 2. the exclusives page has them both and one by River, so support indie poets and give it a visit

nothing new to report. hit a road block on one story, switched to another. i have accomplished nothing this week but staring at the ceiling all night. been in a sad place all week that i haven’t been able to shake. meh

if you listen tonight, or later, or just read the scribbles, it is appreciated. another podcast sunday. next weekend is the Cerberus meeting in the War Room which will be a much needed reprieve from the constant state of silence in the Fool’s cave.

thank you, as always, dear readers. me


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