milestones and millstones seek to grind me to dust

five thousand odes
hastily scratched
to capture fleeting
emotive dissonance
to sleep(unslept)
to hopes(undreamt)
to tears(unwept)
to secrets(unkept)

the waking dreamer
lost/a sinking ship
off the coast of
shallow homeward
memory/drifting on
stranger currents
ever farther from
faded ink stained
love letters(the
empty promises of
safe harbor in times
of war)

an empty bucket
on a frayed rope
tettering over
a wishing well of
lunar tears
(a desert drowning
dehydrated by
daydream dithering
dancing solemnly
on) the corpse of
damned necessity

somewhere/in this
salient sea of
sycophantic promises/
relief will come
scratching furrows
until all is coated
in filth and scorn

a life wasted in
between bouts of
hopeless need
needless hope
a lovelorn loser
painting the world
in shades of
windswept worry

how many ways
to scream
the same pained refrain
i love you
even as i fade away
a new chapter of
muffled by
too many voices
saying nothing
and gasping
in the cascade
a foolish cavalcade
endlessly trying
to make my way
to you

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