panic attack at mile marker 1118

the green stretches
on into infinity
on both sides of me
panic seizes my mind
iron bands squeeze
my lungs to deflation
i cannot tell
with any certainty
where i am right now
i fear the next city
as a thorn of reality
puncturing this dream
what if nobe of this
was ever anything more
than dreamshatter in
the waking confusion
of too deep yet too short
cascading insomnial woe
i don’t know which parts
of this nightmare with
rare moments of serenity
are vestiges of a fever
racking a failing form
i follow the winding
gray scar cut deeply
into the flesh of the world
hoping to find you
over the nwxt hill
guiding me home with
thw scent of peonies
and the promise of
your lips pressed on mine

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