attention starved to the point of idiocy

i stood on the bridge
a cup of cocoa
steaming in my hand
as the sun burst
through the hoarfrost
coating the branchs
hanging over
the flash frozen
river of filthy ice

as i stood watching
my breath coalecse
in the frigid air
i noticed a figure
stumbling slightly
in high heels across
the sheet of ice
i blinked my eyes
thinking the light
was playing a trick

but there she was
standing on the ice
staring up at me
i looked around
trying to figure out
what in the fuck
was happening now
soon a few more people
stopped to stare down
at the lady in heels
beaming up at the
growing muttering
and curious crowd

i realized then
it wasn’t me that
she was looking at
but the simple
attention she was
being showered with
most of the people
seemed to think
she was playing
some unfunny joke
or perhaps that
the poor thing
had lost her mind

and as i sipped
my cocoa feeling
the warmth trickle
down my throat
a happy little glow
in the cold morning
she began to dance
awkwardly upon the
sheet of ice

the crowd gasped
at her foal like
awkward movements
a smile carved into
the frozen face
seeking the approval
of strangers to
somewhat justify
her existence
she either ignored
or could not hear
the snickering
from the bridge
so enthralled in
the stares of
absolute strangers

the first creak
as the ice shifted
beneath frantically
tapping high heels
stilettos stabbing
the ever thinning
pane beneath her
i watched horrified
as a spider’s web
began running along
the frozen floor
but the nore that
watched in apprehension
the faster she danced

and i saw the smile
even as the ice
opened up under her
it never faded
as she vanished
swallowed whole
by the ever flowing
torrent just hidden
by solidifed waves

then we all just
went on with our days
the desperate dancer
no more than ripples
in a slush filled
hole already growing
a fresh frigid sheen
the cocoa now seemed
chalky on my tongue
as i wondered at
the need for attention
that makes normal people
do anything for more


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