swedonberg’s hell

hell is
an apathetic world
run down
where there is
never enough
it is a decrepit
city where
the poor squat
in the heat
beneath the highway overpass
where children starve
parents abuse
and every sin
is internally
grinding hope to dust

hell is
a place where
ten percent hold
all of the wealth
and the other
ninety percent
is doomed to toil
ever enrichening the masters
while they
slowly decay

hell is
with no end in sight
in a place filled
with seven billion souls
yet always alone

we are thrust
from the darkness
and every dream
shed in the face
of reality
and her wicked hate
sink us ever lower
into the trash and shit
until we finally
cease to exist
swedonberg had
visions of hell
and they were seen
through the window of his home

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