mondays, am i right?

i prefer mondays
if given a choice
of the seven days
mondays suit me fine

sundays are too
packed with the last
minute details
in preparation for
this newly born week

tuesdays are busy
things are in order
but chaos reigns
so the best laid plans
are scattered in
the undulating woe

wednesdays are as
ridiculous as the name
pity to odin
bastardized and anglicized
into a middle day
with no hope left

thursdays are fool’s gold
the promise of
time away muddied
by the ever present
snarl of reality
to frantic a panic
as the week slowly dies

fridays are a myth
a fabrication
a final day of
exhaustion wrapped
in a pretty bow

and saturdays
poor saturday goes by
far too quickly
a mad dash of three
thousand errands
with zero time spent
relaxing at last

but mondays are fine
a fresh start
a scab over the hell
of the week prior
full of budding hopes
this will be the week
it all comes together

so i prefer mondays
if given a choice
out of the seven days
mondays suit me just fine

3 thoughts on “mondays, am i right?

  1. haha I loveeee poems about the days of the week! I actually have a terrible hate for Tuesdays–I just always have bad luck on them, but Wednesdays are my favorite because it is in the middle of the week–I just have to do what I just did again!

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