a listless malignancy

there are days
where the golden diffusion
mutes every other shade
a photon bombardment
leaving me
bloodied and heaving
unable to
face the day
where the anchors
catch on wreckage
far below the effusion
a cyclical malaise
of broken breaking
dreamdust spirals
as all but the ache
slowly fade away

there are nights
where the darkness ebbs
swells magnanimously
suffocating the light
that dies within
unable to
find any rest
as the brambles in
my mind catch and tear
the tender flesh
left discarded
on the shore
of tattered promises
blackened tendrils
where forever goes to die
in ever tightening
spirals of heart thistle
scabs to blow
like beetles across the sand

i exist in the
twilight dismemberment
the raging fit
of dusky inebriation
to fall sallow and used
as dawn cracks open
to spill
the stillborn sun across
the vapid hollow
consuming joy and sorrows
in gluttonous feast
until there is naught
but a skeletal hand
reaching for succor
in the endless breeze
soon buried
beneath dunes of discarded hope

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