an objective dismissal of being objectified by those that only care about themselves

reduced to an
participation trophy
devoid of thought
cast away
at the prospect of
enter the frame

a rusted cage
relegated to rot
in this sepulchre
of sundered dismay

a hellscape
littered with trash
sodden pamphlets
eternal salvation
a demure lure
as sirens howl
to pull the vessels
against the reef
coral gone pale
under the vacancy
pulsating within

clawing through
mounds of mouldering neglect
for the remnants of
what was discounted
exchanged for
simple echoes of
what never was
rewriting the past
in subtle indignation
trash for treasure
unable to accept
someone else can find
value in what was
callously tossed aside

i breathe in
her scent of wildflowers
in full bloom
to find my way home
avoiding the clawing hands
that have only
ever destroyed
limping my way
from the darkness
to collapse
badly bent but still not
fully broken
into her nurturing embraced

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