5am declaration of war

i long for a sensory
deprivation tank with
big fat treads i can
pilot with impunity
firing the cannon off
with silent shells
to mute the land outside

especially on mornings
dredged from broken sleep
as the protein powder
clots in the coffee
while i frantically stir

the neighbor’s truck
overcompensating outside
shakes the windows as he
revs the engine calling
out like clydesdale sized
angry hornets swarming
against my bedroom wall

a one man war against
the enemies insistent
on shattering the peace
within my frontal lobe
as lightning flashes
lavender afterimages
piercing the darkness
reading auguries in
the clumps of powder
refusing to assimilate
as the spoon spins a
vortex in the cup of
rationed coffee needed
to jump start the day

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