igloo of desire

i stare at the waves
an hour becomes
a momentary blip
a constant confusion
in foam tipped wonder

i stand before a
forest of broken teeth
a hell of cracked enamel
with dead roots
rotting in the pink soil

peering through a
kaleidoscopic periscope
lost in fractal grievance
gravity jerks in
fits and stutters
the horizon no more
than a spiral off
of the crumbling shore

pierce the tenebrae
with hypodermic insolence
orgasmically shuddering
one way disasters
to pool in molten strands
scorching the bedsheets
in this melting husk
an igloo of desires

i stand at the edge
casting dispersions upon
the death of creativity
blowing barb wire kisses
to tangle the cables
as high tension lines
scramble the skyline
into vectors of disdain

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