constructing time

time is just
a construct
a way of measuring
spectres of
as they hurtle
through existence

i know it is
merely a construct
because no matter
what is happening
or how busy i am
i can make time
especially for her

we shackle
ourselves willingly
to measurements
to try and establish
control and meaning
losing what precious
few seconds we have
fretting at the clock

i pour myself out
into the aether
in waves of adoration
so the scant moments
are spent on what is
the only worthwhile reason
we are here at all
to find a connection
among the scattered
stardust to call home

every fevered
gives meaning to
the inherent
even those unheard
so when i whisper
i love you into
the darkness
i hope you know
it is the only truth
in a universe of
inept disillusions
i can muster

my heart ticks
the seconds
like a hammer
against glass
while my love
fills the cracks
leaving a distortion
in the fabric
of reality itself

we slow dance
cheek to cheek
as the entirety
of creation stutters
your breath upon
my neck confirms
accidental or not
there is a purpose
buried in the silt

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