mountainous dreamspires

i have poured
every ounce of myself
to form a quivering
foundation on which
this house of cards
tormentedly shudders
ill equipped to
face the howling winds
in this disregard
to the decrepitude of
shimmering insignificance

does a pebble long
to rejoin the mountain
lost in tectonic upheaval
among the gravelly
detritus of hope
does the mountain feel
the absences where
the best parts of itself
broke free to stain
the rich soil with
flecks of inert disinterest

an assimilation of
dreamdander rejections
shed carelessly to become
little more than wispy
echoed aches forgotten
in an avalanche of
unfulfilled promises
while the continents drift
forming archipelagos
of faded desires in
heartspurned reverie

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