1601 main

by nature
i am quite curious
an extrovert
beaten into
a pseudo-introvert
but the tendencies
to speak first
and think later
is a big part
of the trainwreck
that comes with
the bipolar express

as i walked down
the rainy sidewalk
lost in a world
of beautiful ugly
with shimmering
bands of the
ugliest beauty
i saw one of the
metal hatches
that lead to the bowels
of the city
wide open with
one shivering guy
on guard against
people just like me

it took nearly
three minutes to
convince him
to let me climb down
and roam around
where the massive transformers
hum contentedly
helping to regulate
the power
maybe he saw that
i was enthusiastic
or my genuine passion
for electricity
sparkled in my eyes

it was okay
the thrill was mostly in
being somewhere
i shouldn’t have been
but that’s what makes
the doldrum existence
if only for a moment

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