the next tale

the theme
for the next story
is isolation
usually i tend
to research
spend a few days
combing the web
for the kernal
the tale is built upon
but i know isolation
so i guess
this one will be
more autobiographical
in its nature
i will spruce it up
never let anyone
see how lonely
this life really is
just cherry pick
from this abundance
of echoing sorrows
should practically
write itself

an enforced
excursion into the
bland nothing of
central texas
a couple busy days
broke and hungry
in cheap hotels
the stifling silence
that smothers my
day to day
should kickstart
another sprawling ode
to being lesser than
unlocking the arabesque
horror of barely
really existing
leaving bits of myself
scattered across
the electronic dissonance
keeping me separate
from the world at large
should do the trick

some stories can be
escapist fantasies
while other are
scraping off scabs
and bleeding all over
the thin pages
saturating the pulp
with the gentle agony
of being nothing
and those are the ones
people find that
they can relate to most
because suffering
is a normal state
that we occupy
always feeling alone
on an over populated
rock wobbling around
an ever expanding sun
waiting for the endings
that await us all


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