five years or six days, it’s all whatever to me

without fanfare, Monday was my fifth year conducting the Manic Word Depot. it also coincided with my 6300th poem. also, unbeknownst to me. that’s weird. anyway, hows that for a testament to madness?

(un)tethered comes out in six days, so five years and five collections, seems serendipitous. or coincidental. i could never decipher the currents of logical fallacies well enough to grasp at fate.

i have been trying to push this latest book a little more, and i know that can be annoying. but living hand to mouth can be as well, so you get what you get and i don’t know that i feel all that sorry. it really is my best so far, more thematic of love and desire than the previous collections. early feedback has been quite positive.

thanks for hanging out for this long, i didn’t imagine i would still be doing this when i started this as a joke on dating then life brokedown around me and suddenly it became my only lifeline. buy some of my books and convince your friends that while poetry is a dead art, you know this necromancer named mike who won’t stop trying to bring it back to life.

what a fool.

seriously, thank you for all the support and kind words. there have been friendships forged on this shitty little blog filled with mad ravings. there is a magic in that, a very special one to be cherished.


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