dreamwhispers preorder is live, coming November 30th


Eighteen tales from The Fool. Faery tales, mythology, an epic poem, and stories that strike across the emotional spectrum like the phantom hints of dream whispers as you lay, uncertain if you are awake or not. I am quite proud of this collection, which for anyone that knows me, is saying something profound.

Coming November 30th, just in time for whatever wintry holidays you may or may not celebrate, this will make a wonderful excursion, safe from the elements. Don Noble did the cover and captured exactly what I saw in my mind. Christine Morgan, my favorite Auntie Racoon, wrote the foreword. And Candace Nola, my sister from another mister, and Uncomfortably Dark, made the words shine. A group effort that has ended up as a one of kind experience that explored places that will surprise, confound, horrify, and possibly hurt.

I hope you grab a copy and see where the whisperings take you. Thank you, as always, for supporting a fool with too many words on this journey.


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