san andreas

i am
nothing more
than a vaguely
human shaped
san andreas
shaking with
anxiety as i
find everything
is my fault
as the world
quakes around me

it is easy
to blame me
i will always
shoulder all
of the guilt
whether or not
i am responsible
because one
of the quirks
in being broken
at a young age
is everything bad
has always been
because of me

i brandish
my many failures
a collage of
shattered hopes
as a paper thin
armor that does
nothing to hide
the deep bruising
from tripping
over best intentions
only being seen
as i collapse
in a ball of
my own colossal

a human shaped
fault line
a culmination of
tectonic anxiety
destroying the
world around me
despite attempting
to keep it
somewhat together
flailing through
a thousand issues
hoping against
hope i don’t lose
everything in
the aftermath


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