petals swirling

we stood
a sea of barely
restrained agonies
in the sterile
halls while
our fingers
worried the grains
of bitter loss
into cottony
tufts of sorrow

rocked by the
sheer senselessness
tortured by
absurdity and
bashed against
the uncaring shore

my heart was
torn asunder by
the pain unfiltered
in the blank stares
of my loved ones
and i would strike
down heaven itself
to alleviate the
pointless suffering
to stab the uncaring
gaze of divinity
to right this
tragic fucking wrong

the beauty of
this spinning marble
gets lost in the
ceaseless hopelessness
blurred by tears
until we stagger
lost in the riptide
pulling us ever under

we vibrate together
twitching flies stuck
in god’s dreamcatcher
the tenuous threads
pulsing with our
frantic heartbeats
to remind us we are
never truly alone

calling out desperately
for a sign of hope
over a bottomless
chasm of loss

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