Graham Crackers

No Graham Crackers were hurt in the writing of this post.

Hello my dear friends. Sitting here with the kids relaxing after another trip to get groceries. Stock up on the essentials for the sleepover. Cotton for the ears, wire ties, duct tape, 25 lb bag of lime, plastic drop sheets. 

Wrong sleepover. Scratch that. pizzas and crap. yeah. pizzas and crap. Sounds suspicious? Come over here for a second and help me get this out of the trunk. No a little farther back. Ignore the hammer. that’s it, really get in there…

ahem. forgive the nastiness there. fuck me. forgot the bleach. 

We have entered a new phase. The dynamic in my mind has shifted. Not for you my love. the train wreck remains the same. But there are other eyes now. Eyes that I want to see me at my best but that is not what this world is. This is me at my worst. Most open. fuck.

see friends, after being burned by this rambling I told the beautiful artist about it. And she has seen it. 

Honesty is the best policy, right?

So now the inner dialogue to you is open to all. Fuck it is electrifying to be so scared. I solemnly swear to maintain this same low level of profanity no matter who reads along. Be it an ex, an almost or possibly the one. 

And this one is fucking special. I love you guys.

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