Over caffeinated, Under slept, Mediocre mentally

I can taste colors! I am at one with universe dear reader. Purple tastes like blue and blue tastes fucking phenomenal. I have achieved a state of coffee induced nirvana on par with a 12 day coke binge. I am a God!

Or just sort of rattling by while vibrating.

Six of one, half dozen of another.

My mind is racing for cereals. Just all over the map. If this could be harvested and used for the forces of good it could change everything.

it will not. to clarify. nothing will change except my rate if urination. 

But imagine if it did.

A world like ours, but different.

Much like the garden of eden. Lion will lay with lamb. Dogs and cats will cuddle. Spiders will, nah, fuck them. But bird and bee and dolphin and platypus will congregate and sing songs of redemption and freedom. 

I am writing this, a story, and still tripping the light fantastic. 

And working. ish.

Yellow tastes like piss. You don’t need details in how I know. Just know I know you know what you think you know but i know that knowledge is as false as good cheer from a drunken uncle. There is always an angle.

I am too g to see if in my heightened state I can vibrate through solid matter. Here’s to hoping. Muah!

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