rhyme with a side of pedantic, words

butterflies and sequined stars, bitter lies and puckered scars, your soul is more than comments and likes, of broken chains and discarded bikes

of endless whispers said in vain, loss and love and crimson stain, to say the truth and disguise the hate, to tremor and shake to avoid your fate

I want to be your poet laureate, the voice that defines your weakened state, screaming at the gods below, to help navigate the undertow

To pick you up and show you love, of innocence and gods above, to take your hand and make you whole, the missing piece of a broken soul

static in the system, distorted and recorded, misused and bruised, dismissed and disinterested, disintegrated and disenfranchised

You are more than the sum of sadness, fingers trail through oceans of madness, expectations of expectant fools, the glitter of counterfeit jewels

lost in this ever growing loss, this suicide forest coated in moss, deadened saddened and left to rot, the bar in the center of this horrid cot

unable to find comfort for long, every station playing the same insipid song, never enough time for myself, not a good god damn about my health

roaming the streets after midnight, knife for a tongue seeking a fight, ready to throw down with anyone, beaten and left for dead for fun

inadequate degenerate, truant and spoiled, wrenching wretched wranglers of falsehoods and dreams, snake oil and perfumed pugnacious piles of excrement

reality is an illusion in the cold code of unmanned laptops, a sea of self destructing capillaries and vascular polyps, hardened arteries and failing reasons, blasted into space and showered from vas defrens

we come into this world screaming and alone, we leave it a tattered mess of hollow bones, missing the spark and slightly chilled, time and loved ones the only things we killed

fall away from me my dear, make sure the immediate area is clear, a grandiose thought of underwhelming fear, the end is so far yet so near

I will always have your back in this hell, break you out of this self imposed cell, return you to the sunlight to bloom, free you from this never ending gloom

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