rend and tear, words

anger has teeth, ragged broken things, chewing and grinding

sorrow has wings, they drape and hang, threatening to smother

but love has fangs, sharp pointed things that pierce, slide in with barely a notice, injecting venom directly into the vein, paralyzing the body and going directly to the heart and brain

she hated driving

an accident when she first got her license made her afraid

so i drove everywhere

i used to love driving, the thrill of going too fast, being in control of two thousand pounds of pure power

i grew to hate being behind the wheel all the time

the drive to the store is only a couple miles but around the hundredth time it feels like it takes all day

now that she is gone i am rediscovering the love of driving

happiness is a shield, an aura of protection from the evils of the world

loneliness is a seasoning, a bitter root that flavors everything, once consumed it overwhelms

depression, fucking depression is a pair of wet jeans, they hang heavy and cold even in the warmest weather, invites sickness into the body and the soul

i check the phone too often, hoping for a message to pop up

been cut off for so long, the brief time we spoke was a balm, now the silence irritates the skin

and the words, ever present are now tinged with memories, ones i would prefer stay buried

depression and loneliness stalking me from the tall grass

i hear from people but never the one i want to, fangs and teeth tear and bite while old wounds flair up, a painful rash and burning nerve endings

all these things at war in my mind

but silence

that is the one that kills


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