little cub, words

just spent thirty minutes arguing fraudulent debit charge

stay calm, keep your cool, the lady on the line didn’t do it

anger flared in every cell

bastards tried to get a hundred dollar baseball game

i am close to screaming

go to the bank and cancel card and get new one

fury, righteous anger flowing through me

i am a conduit for pyschotic rage at the indignation

mostly because i am sleepy with a pounding headache

dispute charges, new card in hand

get in car and a little voice pops up from the backseat

my son kept hitting buttons on the controller

he spent the money he thinks

he looks close to tears

but he admitted it

and that, as i explain to him calmly, is what a man does

mistakes happen

it is owning them that makes you grow, none of us are perfect, but taking responsibility for our actions is one of the foundations of honor in a lawless world

no harm no foul

pride in my cub outweighed anger

never got that nap though

and the headache doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere

but i have them and it is worth it


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