sometimes it’s just an onion

it’s like an onion

layers upon layers

slowly minaturizing versions of the whole

deeper and deeper

until you find the core

the interconnectedness of the universe

and like an onion

it makes you cry sometimes as you cut into it

the fumes growing stronger the farther you penetrate it

releasing acid into the air

inflaming and hurting

sometimes it’s just an onion

sometimes it is a secret

one so big your mind trembles at the sheer magnitude of

sometimes it is a whisper

a faint calling out for something more

a slight vibration on the little bones in your inner ear

or it is a howling roar

one that makes your hands shake

your knees tremble


sometimes it’s just an onion

no two people can interpret it the same

with teary eyes

a runny nose

hard to say if it is an onion

or the beginning of something else

damned if i know

but i like onions

and i like things that make me tremble in fear or delight


i’d have to say i’m good either way

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