small towns in texas are like time warps into another age

howdy and y’all, big hair on the ladies, big mustaches on the men

pickup trucks and farmers sitting in gas stations talking about fertilizer and breach births

everyone knows the sheriff as he does his daily rounds

syrupy thick accents and raised eye brows at a stranger stopping in

the big city is a daydream for the young, a nightmare for the older folks

most of them will never leave

they’ve got all they need and the ground beneath their feet was the ground beneath their parents and their’s before them

it seems so quaint

an idyllic snapshot of a former age

a norman rockwell painting hanging in a doctor’s office

oil derricks and long winding roads

herds of cattle, with a few horses standing at the fence watching the cars drive by

welcome to muenster, population 1504

25 thoughts on “snapshots

      1. Everybody should have one place whose magnificence makes a personal sense to the spirit. I’m yet to find mine. I mean I have moments that have a warm and private aesthetic value but places are more constant since they exist in actuality.

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