flight planic

thundercat whispering into my ears as the plane rolls slowly down the tarmac

far above the ground, a speck amongst the specks below, so as below surely it applies to those of us daring to replicate icarus with nary a feather strapped to the waxy pallors we all wear as the turbulent air pushes us precariously through the burgeoning night time sky

we race the sun to defy her setting colors painting the sky in pinks and purple as we refuse, dogged determination as we grasp physics in an iron grip

complimentary wifi, as tufts of cotton dangling softly beneath our metallic pterodactyl

king krule sings monotonally as the cool air wraps itseof around br my throbbing skull

the promise of processed snacks and too sweet coke keeping the plummeting fear of plummeting down


ever down to rest in a crater six feet deep, or as much of me as they can scrape off the broken pieces of man made marvels of ingenuity and sheer defiance

rock me to sleep sweet surrender

rock me to sleep

keep me safe in your bosom

ever wandering, the fool, the dodo, the ostrich of heaven’s folly

the battered prince of melancholy is yours

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