(un)titled surrender II

the sunshine is bright today my love, piercing the gloom of another day in purgatory awaiting your supple lips

it was chilled when i awoke but steadily the air grows warmer, it is strange the subtle shifts, soon it will be too hot so early

cock your ear, the sounds of mockingbirds singing fills the air, as i sip coffee pondering the errant flow of time unseen

like a squirrel clinging to the bark of the tree, face down towards another frantic run to scour the ground for sustenance

lost in the shuffle of another hand of cards, another chip flipped into the pot, but for once it feels as if the lady has my side in things

famous last words, trusting to the fickleness of luck in a maelstrom of ever changing tides, but with abandon i give in to it

for so long it was a fight, but the errant edge of release comes with the ability to let go and trust in the heady rush of surrender

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