she sees

she is like scrubbing bubbles on my brain stem, little flickers of ecstacy all along my spine

erasing the poor self image cultivated over years of insecurities secured in a lockbox

could i be who she sees, the man she believes in after years of tears and feeling like a blotch

how did i fool myself into believing i was trash on the side of the road, she only sees treasure

into the heart of things her eagle eyed gaze seems to go, while my bird eye dalliance was blinded

i will go with her flow, healing and divine as it feels, clean the crevices and remove the doubt

but if she is right, and i have no reason to assume any other alternative, how did it get so bad

it doesn’t matter, as long as i can muster the ability to live up to the me she sees, the past is passed

it feels good being the new me that maybe was the real me all this time though

i’ll just have to put it on her tab, another debt i cannot repay, hope she takes kisses in lieu of cash

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