i was driving, mind elsewhere, auto-pilot behind the wheel

i don’t get out of the city, not out out, but this morning was an hour out to the east

i was watching the landscape, ponds and horses, cattle and verdant fields swaying under charcoal gray skies


daydreaming about her

asking the universe for a sign that maybe i was on the right path, that this constant pain was really pushing me towards where i want to be


in slow motion from the thick grass around the pond to my right

a heron flew into the air right in front of me

it was majestic, incredible to behold as it flapped it’s huge wings with a quiet nobility that struck a chime deep inside of me

i will accept that as a signal from some force larger than me

keep going

it’s all worth it in the end

7 thoughts on “signs

  1. The heron is an interesting sign, Mike. Not only does it represent patience, it also represents being in an “in-between” stage of life and transitioning easily, peacefully from one stage to another.

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    1. Kind of describes my life right now eerily so. When I got to my destination I was so excited and telling people about seeing it. They just nodded and smiled at the special guy. I can still see it. It was beautiful

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