i change my cadence to fit my mood, my style to cover a lack of substance, my metaphors to fill the cracks

the words
drip like
tangential madness
small clusters

or rapid fire brain sparks, dark marks, as i forget where it was going but the word play seems to ixnay the necessary meanings

caught on a sounds, inflections, intentions, introspections, reflections, redactions retractions, restrictions

it becomes infectious and relentless, meaningless meanderings over softly whispered crazy

i whisper in italics to convey a scenic vista over intense and prose like fluff

his meaning was lost in the silence of the app encompassing ball of doubt that filled his core like a star approaching super nova, soon to consume all life in whatever reality his subconscious chooses to occupy at the moment

they are all me

slicing and cutting off the thickly layered unsightly insights that drift across the chalk board in my skull


i just wish that it would all go quiet for five minutes

but that is when the real crazy starts

so i will breathe
let the words
where the words

and be grateful
they choose me
at all

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