A Fool(ish) reminder

It’s been 10 months since my debut book, Notches: A Collection, came out. And included in it is probably my favorite thing I have ever written. Persephone, my reimagining in poetic form of the story of Kore and Hades. When I wrote it, everything changed for me. It gave me the courage to try writing as a possible career. It showed me I could tell a tale in the way I wanted to, in my way.

To my shock, whenever someone tells me they read the collection, it seems to resonate with them as well. For such a personal piece to mean something to others is amazing to me. Writers write. That’s what we do. There is no expectation that anyone is going to understand the part of us that spills in ink. It is vindicating. The hours spent crafting stories for myself, can be enjoyed by others. I didn’t know who I was before I dove headfirst into poetry. I didn’t know what I could become until Persephone came to life. That is why the symbol of Hades is the not just the icon for this place, but inked into my arm. So I remember.

So why this long post about a poem? My friend posted a picture on Facebook today for me and it took my breath away. It served as a reminder.

Isn’t she beautiful? And we share the same marking. One day this will hang over the fireplace in my modest estate as I write all day professionally. Here’s to hoping it is sooner, rather than later.

hugs and sloppy wet kisses



5 thoughts on “A Fool(ish) reminder

  1. Hey it’s too relaxing to read your post today. There are many reasons behind it and one of them is that it gives me hope too. The picture I wish hangs in your place above the fire place soon. Thanks again for giving me hope and light to write under it.

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