lightning(razor kiss)

i was standing in a thunderstorm, watching the lightning play across the sky, the purple after images burned into my retinas

rain running down my head and into my eyes, the crash of thunder palpable, my heart racing with every flash of voltage

the smell of ozone burning mixed with that fresh rain scent, masking the odorless stench of misery and complacent agony

and then one majestic strike, from Odin or Zeus, perhaps Perun or Indra, struck the ground at my very feet and i felt it surge

i flew back weightless, the taste of pennies in my mouth and skin aflame, pain in the form of one billion volts of ecstasy

a glorious Lichtenburg flower blossomed upon my chest as the spasmic throes of keraunoparalysis held me in it’s rictus grasp

caught in that delicious moment between life and death, the rain pattering upon my smiling face, an image of grandeur in my mind

it was her face that was painted on the canvas of my mind, her kiss coursing through my rigid form, her eyes the electric shock

and as i lay there on the precipitation soaked street, knocked head over heels by a different force of raw energy

i couldn’t help but think of it as a last kiss good night, the razor’s edge of divinity and pleasure so divine, of her, the fury so sublime

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