a continuing series of ever increasing oddities, part X

the winds screech the banshee wail of impending doom the tempest writhing in cumulus tentacles across the emerald sky

a milk crate precariously perched upon an old lawn table with one short leg rattles closed to the edge with subtle shifting plasticmania

a new gust batters the teetering table to thrust it skyward the least graceful aeronautical experiment in all of the known lands in flight

a yellow ball hits the ground with a deformation of character before rebounding over the fence and to the cobblestone streets outside

the downward slope of the road enhanced by the chaos effect of the rounded stones sends it careening higher and faster on

the feeling of freedom and speed all consuming and intoxicating as the moments between impacts grows farther and farther apart

then a wet plop as it goes over the seawall into the former sea bottom exposed by the indifferent nature of sea recessionism

for a moment

just one

everything was perfect

nothing good ever lasts

15 thoughts on “a continuing series of ever increasing oddities, part X

  1. That’s it. I quite. Done. Finished. Anyone who calls themselves a writer but didn’t write this…. is a liar. This right here is the art of poetry and storytelling perfected. You sir, have taken the cake, eaten it, and shit it back out before the rest of us even saw it go into the oven. You bastard. And I love you for it.

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    1. this was by far the image that captivated me most. and I thought the idea of being a tennis ball sounded like a fun experiment. this is now one of my all time favorite comments ever. thanks Tara.

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      1. But seriously Mike. I really love this series. I want to see like a fifty page book of it just going any going. Okay? Please and thank you. I figure if I can’t write, then I get to dictate what you print. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Right?!! RIGHT?!?!

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