springtime for isolation

is the vernal equinox
as the sun
the celestial equator
to the northern hemisphere
far below
the two hemispheres
of the self isolated brain
the slow divergence
into two
autonomously functioning
sickly gray matter
simulated masses
realms of total fear

when fitzgerald
or heminway
were isolated
during the spanish flu
they guzzled whiskey
while penning letters
around the globe
buckling down
on the art
not from the pressure
without the constant buzz
of an ever shrinking world
the sky is falling

we enter
springtime for isolationists
with no direction
except inward
no hope
in the web
of misinformation
keeping us cowed
and unquestioning
hoarding as a result
of not having a clue
how to band together
when forced
to remain apart

3 thoughts on “springtime for isolation

  1. “Springtime for isolationists” you are right, there never has been any other direction but some are just pulling up to the crossroads and reading the signs……” the only way out is in”

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