photo-negative facade

i don’t know
if i lost
part of myself
or if the
parts of myself
i tried to give away
there are so many things
i don’t
that i stare into the abyss
for answers
that are only
by the darkness
from within
my photo-negative facade
the human x-ray
unable to hide
the thoughts that lurk
deep inside
to stop
spilling his insane


these feelings
that feel
less like chemicals
more like
rusted fishhooks
slowly inserted
into the soft parts
that make up the
eggshell exterior of
lethargic desires
but i know this
for fucking sure
there is no

blue fairy
with the power
to bring this wooden boy
to life
one with a talent
for words
for cunnilingus
for misplaced affection
we all
have our faults
mine just wear down a soul
a fault line
that crossed
her equatorial divide
san andreas
can’t touch
my destructive tendencies
even after it spills
into the sea

the abyss
a half assed sales pitch
faux sincere exteriored
door to door
heartache salesman
with a flair
for saying
the absolute right thing
at a time
that fosters
a light for wayward souls
but that goddamned abyss
is just waiting
salivating plasmic drool
in defiance of physics
for the next
discarded husk
by the vampiric fool
that only knows
how to take

birds of a feather
the void
and i
kindred vacancies
the grand scheme

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