summer fades to autumn

autumn has enfolded the world, there is a pleasant cool to the day driving with the window down arm out feeling as the air kisses hades mark as the music plays too loudly

but i don’t have my voice today, i cannot talk as the words just sit in the back of my throat, lodged against this slight tinge of sorrow, hollow like a bird bone, but firmly placed

i am bad at good byes because i don’t like to lose those parts of me which belong to you but there is no way to continue with those necrotic parts festering deep in ventricles

so i sit in the silence of hurt at summer leaving with out a note, just gone as if she were a daydream, a figment of disillusion in spite of her fiery grip still fresh on skin

instead i am going to make a lemon curd while the music blasts in odes of summertime fun and dusky ska, to keep a jar of her love on hand for when memory fails me

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