the sky was gray and i was blue

the sky was blue, blue blue, clear blue, sky blue

i lived up north a long time but i don’t think i ever saw blue ice, never quite understood, blue is cold, ice is cold, lips turn blue

but i never saw blue ice

sapphires are blue, sometimes blue, sometimes not, but those aren’t sapphires in my head, blue stones only

and the sky was blue, azure, cerulean, navy, cobalt, like the gulf of mexico ten minutes after an afternoon shower when the silt resettles and the nearly clear blue beckons

dated a few ladies with blue eyes, but they seemed to be the craziest, not like the soulful brown eyes that steal your soul, or playful green with a hint of temper, nor mutts like mine ever shifting

the blue eyes were sharp, the owners knew who to cut, the sex was phenomenal but the after was hell, when that blue locked it was adrenaline

and the sky was blue, but it isn’t now, now it is night but in my head i remember the blue

blue is sad, maybe i am blue so it resonates on a different frequency, blue is a pool in which i glide, letting it take me a pore at a time

the sky has been gray and i have been blue and i long to be numb again

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