finger paint

i woke this morning
with a burning
in my belly
with words
dripping like honey
from my tongue
to stain the world
around me
in the varied
shades of your smile

i am no poet
no sage offering
words of wisdom
just a humble fool
that paints
the pallettes
leaving the canvas
unstained by
untrained hands
with little talent

my coarse tongue
across the dictionary
in hopes
the right word
seeps into my mind
to properly describe
what i see
when gazing
at you

ephemeral as your
fingers trace gently along
my femoral
the quickening beat
as your fingerprints
ingrain themselves
diffuse directly into
the barely contained
ocean that sings
inside my skull

dabs of color
along the pallette
as i long
to fingerpaint
down the curves
of your every
perfect aspect
the bright hues
imbued with the honey
on my tongue

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