i feel
nearly shattered
barely able
to keep it
shaking myself into
the broken
is close
to the surface
and i am not
i ache
but it is
a soul weary
an ache
that drips along
the folds
of my fingerprints
the whorls of indecency
a subtle vibration
counter to
my natural resonance
i need held
whispered to
it will
i will
the world will
be alright
i won’t
believe it
but the lie
will soothe
my mind

i hate that i
am this way
that i could never
connect the dots
and find
the hidden image
because the only
jagged lines
i have ever
fucking known
were raised
and red
and applied
by the ones
that should have never
done them

i am broken, baby
and i need
a hug

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