phantom trails

i was driving
through an area
i hadn’t been to
in a long time
came from
a different direction
didn’t recognize
the sights
but as i was driving
i felt your hand
on my thigh
i could taste
the vodka and smoke
on your lips
as we frantically
at every stoplight
or stop sign
from your neighborhood
across town
back to my apartment
did you know
i took the long route
that it was so
i could consume
as much of you
as possible
before the feast
truly began
once we walked inside
if i close my eyes
i can hear you
singing along
feel your hair
as i clutch desperately
that one of these days
you’ll be a dream
of another time
just phantom fingers
trailing ever higher
ever closer

i didn’t
turn down the street
i don’t know
if you still live on
because if i saw
you sitting outside
i don’t know if
i could keep driving
one more taste
but i never did
forget you
like you always swore
i would
even if i didn’t
the neighborhood
i hope
you’re good
your demons
are slain
someone kisses you
the same way
i once did
with every fiber
of their being
you deserve that much
at least

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