the conductor and the fool

she kept shoveling coal into his combustible engine sweat running in rivulets through the black dust on her ample chest

she ran her pink tongue over every secret unfurling the knots of rope that made up his coarse recollections of anyone before

so concerned were they both in their own failings they couldn’t recognize those were what drew the other carelessly into upheaval

he was damn tired while she was damn fine together they made music in which attending angels wept before denouncing heaven

still she shoveled that coal indifferent to the temperature gauge dangerously pointing towards the red line of no return

his bellows pumped as he belched black smoke to mask his own indecisive vices afraid to unleash the power she inflicted in prose

together they rode the tracks far from any comfortzonalitiy into a new land where the old scars were badges of honor not stains

she stoked the flames while he howled of love in the valleys tucked between the mountains of self doubt looming menacingly

one day they would run out of tracks and forge a new path in the wilderness laid out in thick brush strokes across an alien horizon

the conductor and the fool intertwined by the undercurrents of iron and pitch soaked beams laid down by brave old explorers

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